Kia Sedona: Drive Belt Repair procedures - Power Train - Maintenance - Kia Sedona YP Service ManualKia Sedona: Drive Belt Repair procedures

Third generation YP (2014-2021) / Kia Sedona YP Service Manual / Maintenance / Power Train / Drive Belt Repair procedures

Check belt for maintenance and V-ripped part for abnormal wear. Replace if necessary.
Do not bend, twist or turn the drive belt inside out.
Do not allow the drive belt to come into contact with oil, water and steam.
Visually check the belt for excessive wear, frayed cords etc.
If any defect has been found, replace the drive belt.
Cracks on the rib side of a belt are considered acceptable. If the belt has chunks missing from the ribs, it should be replaced.

Removal and Installation
Remove the engine room under cover and engine room RH side cover.
(Refer to Engine And Transaxle Assembly - "Engine Room Under Cover")
To release the tension, turn the drive belt tensioner counterclockwise and then remove the drive belt (A).


When installing the drive belt, follow the order below:
Crankshaft damper pulley → A/C compressor pulley → Idler Pulley → alternator pulley → water pump pulley → drive belt auto tensioner pulley.
Rotate the auto tensioner arm by turning the auto tensioner arm boss (A) counterclockwise using a wrench. After installing the drive belt to the auto tensioner pulley, slowly release the auto tensioner arm.

Install in the reverse order of removal.
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