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1.Press the CRUISE button, to turn the system on. The CRUISE indicator light in the instrument cluster will illuminate.

2. Accelerate to the desired speed.

3.Lever must be moved down (to SET-) prior to setting any desired speed. The SET indicator light, set speed and vehicle to vehicle distance on the LCD screen will illuminate.

4.Release the accelerator pedal. The desired speed will automatically be maintained.

If there is a vehicle in front of you, the speed may decrease to maintain the distance to the vehicle ahead.

On a steep grade, the vehicle may slow down or speed up slightly while going uphill or downhill.

Speed setting (SCC)

To increase cruise control set speed
Follow either of these procedures: Move the lever up (to RES+), and hold it. Your vehicle set speed will increase by 10 km/h (5 mph). Release the lever at the speed you want. Move the lever ...

Other Information:

204,000 km (127,500 miles) or 102 months
❑ Rotate tire ❑ Inspect battery condition ❑ Inspect air cleaner filter ❑ Inspect vacuum hose ❑ Inspect power steering fluid (if equipped) ❑ Inspect power ...

Window opening and closing
The driver ...


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