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➀ Cruise indicator
➁ SET indicator
➂ Set speed
➃ Vehicle-to-vehicle distance

The SCC allows you to program the vehicle to maintain a set speed so long as it is not limited by traffic. When traffic is encountered the vehicle will slow down to maintain a set distance behind traffic without depressing the accelerator or brake pedal.

WARNING - Smart Cruise Control Inadvertent Activation

If the smart cruise control is left on (CRUISE indicator light in the instrument cluster illuminated), it can be activated inadvertently. Keep the smart cruise control system off (CRUISE indicator light OFF) when the smart cruise control is not in use to avoid setting a speed which the driver is not aware of.

WARNING - Smart Cruise Control Limitations

To turn cruise control off, do one of the following
Press the CRUISE button (the CRUISE indicator light in the instrument cluster will go off). Turn the ignition off. Both of these actions will cancel the cruise control operation. If you w ...

Speed setting (SCC)

Other Information:

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60,000 km (37,500 miles) or 30 months
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