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The driver may choose to only use the cruise control mode (speed control function) by doing as follows:

1.Turn the SCC on (the cruise indicator light will be on but the system will not be activated).

2.Push the distance to distance switch for more than 2 seconds.

3.Choose between "Smart cruise control(SCC) mode" and "Cruise control(CC) mode".

When using the cruise control mode, you must manually assess the distance to other vehicles as the system will not automatically brake to slow down for other vehicles.

To adjust the sensitivity of Smart Cruise Control
The sensitivity of vehicle speed when following the front vehicle to maintain the set distance can be adjusted. Go to the User Settings Mode (Driving Assist) and select SCC (Smart Cruise Control ...

Limitations of the system
The SCC may have limits to its ability to detect distance to the vehicle ahead due to road and traffic conditions. ...

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