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Used to control volume.

(2) SEEK

When pressed briefly (less than 1 second).
- FM, AM mode : searches broadcast frequencies saved to presets.
- CD, USB, iPod

Your vehicle uses a roof antenna to receive AM or/and FM broadcast signals. When reinstalling your roof antenna, it is important that it is fully tightened and adjusted to the upright position to ...

Aux, USB port
If your vehicle has an aux and/or USB(universal serial bus) port, you can use an aux port to connect audio devices and an USB and also an iPod ...

Other Information:

Towing service
If emergency towing is necessary, we recommend having it done by an authorized Kia dealer or a commercial tow-truck service. Proper lifting and towing procedures are necessary to prevent damage ...

Description and Operation
Description AVN system The AVN system provides improved search function and easy access for drivers by offering simplified system operation experience and integrated display for multimedia and ...


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