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Third generation YP (2014-2021) / Kia Sedona YP Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Power sliding door and power tailgate / Smart Tailgate

On a vehicle equipped with a smart key, the tailgate can be opened using the Smart Tailgate system.

If the power door ON/OFF button is in the OFF (depressed) position, the smart tailgate will not operate.

Emergency tailgate safety release
Your vehicle is equipped with an emergency tailgate safety release lever located on the bottom of the tailgate. When someone is inadvertently locked in the cargo area, the tailgate can be opened ...

How to use the Smart Tailgate
The tailgate can be opened with notouch activation satisfying all the conditions below. After 15 seconds when all doors are closed and locked Positioned in the detecting area for more than 3 s ...

Other Information:

Oil Pressure Switch Repair procedures
Removal and Installation 1. Remove the air duct. (Refer to Intake And Exhaust System - "Air Cleaner") 2. Remove the battery. (Refer to Engine Electrical System - "Battery") 3. Remove th ...

Types of warning sound
When an object is 120 cm to 61 cm (47 in. to 24 in.) from the rear bumper : Buzzer beeps intermittently. When an object is 60 cm to 31 cm (24 in. to 12 in.) from the rear bumper : Buzzer be ...


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