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Third generation YP (2014-2020) / Kia Sedona YP Service Manual / Engine Control / Fuel System / Engine Control System / Rail Pressure Sensor (RPS) Specifications

Pressure [MPa (kgf/cmВІ, psi)]
Output Voltage (V) [Ref=5V]
0 (0, 0)
10 (102, 1450)
20 (204, 2900)

Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Troubleshooting
Wave Form ...

Rail Pressure Sensor (RPS) Description and Operation
Description Rail Pressure Sensor (RPS), installed on the delivery pipe, measures the instantaneous fuel pressure in the delivery pipe. The sensing element (Semiconductor element) built in the s ...

Other Information:

Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Hood switch2. Burglar horn3. BCM & RF receiver4. Key warning switch5. Front door lock actuator & switch6. Rear door lock actuator & switch7. Tail gate actuator & ...

Instrument Cluster Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...


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