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Your vehicle is equipped with an emergency tailgate safety release lever located on the bottom of the tailgate. When someone is inadvertently locked in the cargo area, the tailgate can be opened by pushing the release lever and pushing open the tailgate.

WARNING - Safety release lever use

Unless there is an emergency which requires otherwise, do not use the release lever for the liftgate (tailgete) while the vehicle is in motion. Opening the liftgate (tailgete) while the vehicle is in motion can increase the risk of an occupant falling out of the vehicle and being seriously injured.

Closing the tailgate
To close the tailgate, lower and push down the tailgate firmly. Make sure that the tailgate is securely latched. Make sure your hands, feet and other parts of your body are safely out of the wa ...

Power sliding door and power tailgate
On the overhead console On the center pillar trim On the tailgate (1) Left power sliding door control button (2) Right power sliding door control button (3) Power tailgate control button* ...

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