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Component Location

1. Front sunroof
2. Front & Rear sunroof switch
3. Front sunroof motor & controller
4. Rear sunroof
5. Rear sunroof switch
6. Rear sunroof motor & Controller

Sun Roof

Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram Connector Pin Information No.Motor ConnectorSunroof Wiring Connector1Battery 1GND 12Open alarmRear lock switch3GND 1IGN4Rear lock switchSignal C5-Signal A6Signal CBattery 17Signa ...

Other Information:

Auto Head lamp leveling Unit Troubleshooting
Inspection with GDS Initialization and diagnosis sequence by using GDS equipment. The content below summarizes the procedure for A/S using GDS. No.Procedure1Locate vehicle to flat plane2Tire ch ...

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Inspection Check the valve clearance. If necessary, adjust the valve clearance by replacing the tappets. ...


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