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Third generation YP (2014-2022) / Kia Sedona YP Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seats / Rear seat adjustment / Seatback angle

2nd row seat

2nd row center seat

2nd row seat for SXL package

3rd row seat

To recline the seatback :

1. Pull up the seatback recline lever (for 2nd row outboard seat) or strap (for 2nd row center or 3rd row seat).

2. Hold the lever or strap and adjust the seatback of the seat to the position you desire.

3. Release the lever or strap and make sure the seatback is locked in place. (The lever MUST return to its original position for the seat- back to lock.)

Left and Right (2nd row seat, SXL package)
To move the seat left side or right side : 1. Pull the seat slide adjustment lever up and hold it. 2. Slide the seat to the position you desire. 3. Release the lever and make sure the seat is loc ...

Walk-in seat (2nd row seat)
To get in or out from the 3rd row seat, 1. Lift the armrest up and lower the head rest to the lowest position (if necessary). 2. Pull up the walk-in lever (1) or pull the walk-in strap (2) on the ...

Other Information:

Recommended cold tire inflation pressures
All tire pressures (including the spare) should be checked when the tires are cold. ...

Important - use of compact spare tire
Your vehicle is equipped with a compact spare tire. This compact spare tire takes up less space than a regular- size tire. This tire is smaller than a conventional tire and is designed for tempora ...


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