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Third generation YP (2014-2022) / Kia Sedona YP Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seats

Front seat

(1) Forward and backward
(2) Seatback angle
(3) Seat cushion height
(4) Lumbar support (Driver

Safety features of your vehicle

Front seat adjustment - manual

Other Information:

Specification EngineJoint typeMax . Inner sideOuter sideInner sideOuter sideLambda 3.3UBJ#26VTJ#2650°23° Tightening Torques wheel hub nut88.3 ~ 107.99.0 ~ 11.0 ...

High beam operation
To turn on the high beam headlights, push the lever away from you. Pull it back for low beams. The high beam indicator will light when the headlight high beams are switched on.To prevent the bat ...


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