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Variable Intake manifold Solenoid (VIS) valves are installed on the intake manifold (VIS Valve 1) and the surge tank (VIS Valve 2). VIS valves 1 and 2 control vacuum modulators that activate valves in the intake manifold and the surge tank. These valves are opened or closed by ECM according to engine condition (Refer to below table).

Engine condition
VIS valve 1
VIS valve 2
Intake Manifold
Surge Tank
Low  speed
Increasing engine performance in low engine speed by reducing intake interference among cylinders
Medium speed
Open or Closed
Increasing intake efficiency
High speed
Minimizing intake resistance by shortening intake manifold length and increasing area of air entrance

Variable Intake Solenoid (VIS) Valve Specifications
Specification ItemSpecificationCoil Resistance (Ω)30.0 ~ 35.0 [20°C(68°F)] ...

Variable Intake Solenoid (VIS) Valve Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

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