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The USB charger is designed to recharge batteries of small size electrical devices using a USB cable.The electrical devices can be recharged when the Engine Start/Stop button is in ACC/ON/START position.

The battery charging state may be monitored on the electrical device. Disconnect the USB cable from the USB port after use.

AC inverter
The AC inverter supplies 115V/100W electric power to operate electric accessories or equipments. If you wish to use the AC inverter, press the AC inverter button while the engine is running ...

Hour (1) Pressing the H button will advance the time displayed by one hour. Minute (2) Pressing the M button will advance the time displayed by one minute. To change the 24 hour format to the 12 ...

Other Information:

How to reset the power sliding door and power tailgate
If the battery has been discharged or disconnected, the related fuse has been replaced or disconnected, and the power sliding door or power tailgate doesn't work properly, the power sliding ...

Inside Rear View Mirror Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Inside rear view mirror ...


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