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The sensor used is a thermistor (NTC) in which resistance changes with temperature variation.
The TCM supplies about 5 voltage to the sensor; the output value is changed by ATF temperature variation.
Oil temperature sensor is installed at valve body. The sensor is integrated with a solenoid valve harness.

Transaxle oil temperature sensor monitors the temperature of ATF and conveys the readings to TCM.
Data produced by this sensor is used to identify torque converter clutch activation and deactivation zones within the low temperature and high temperature range and to compensate hydraulic pressure levels during gear changes.
Transaxle Oil Temperature Sensor Specifications
Specification ItemSpecificationType*NTC thermistorTemp.[(°C)°F] / Resistance (kΩ)(-40)-40 / 48.1(-20)-4.0 / 15.6(0)32.0 / 5.88(20)68.0 / 2.51(40)104.0 / 1.19(60)140.0 / 0.61(80)176.0 / 0.32(1 ...

Transaxle Oil Temperature Sensor Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

Other Information:

Average Vehicle Speed (2)

12,000 km (7,500 miles) or 6 months
❑ Rotate tire ❑ Inspect battery condition ❑ Inspect air cleaner filter ❑ Inspect vacuum hose ❑ Inspect power steering fluid (if equipped) ❑ Inspect power ...


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