Kia Sedona: Smart Tailgate Unit Schematic Diagrams - Smart Tailgate System - Body Electrical System - Kia Sedona YP Service ManualKia Sedona: Smart Tailgate Unit Schematic Diagrams

Third generation YP (2014-2020) / Kia Sedona YP Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Smart Tailgate System / Smart Tailgate Unit Schematic Diagrams

Circuit Diagram

Smart Tailgate Unit Components and Components Location
Components ...

Smart Tailgate Unit Repair procedures
Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the luggage side trim [RH]. (Refer to Body - "Luggage Side Trim") 3. Disconnect the smart tailgate unit connector (A). ...

Other Information:

SS-B Solenoid Valve(ON/OFF) Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. SS-B Solenoid Valve (ON/OFF) ...

Battery replacement
The transmitter uses a 3 volt lithium battery which will normally last for several years. When replacement is necessary, use the following procedure. 1. Insert a slim tool into the slot and gentl ...


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