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The vent can be adjusted by rotating the blade.


If all the vents are closed, it may cause some noise. Always open 2 vents or more.

Rear mode selection
Front climate control is MAX A/C, : Rear air blows from the upper vents on the rear ceiling. Front climate control is : Rear air blows from the upper vents on the rear ceiling and the l ...

System operation

Other Information:

Cluster Ionizer (DATC only) Description and Operation
Description The cluster ionizer disinfects and decomposes bad smell from the air conditioner or air inflow. Also, it cleans the inside air of a vehicle. When the ignition switch is ON, the ion ...

72,000 km (45,000 miles) or 36 months
❑ Rotate tire ❑ Inspect battery condition ❑ Inspect air cleaner filter ❑ Inspect vacuum hose ❑ Inspect air conditioning refrigerant ❑ Inspect brake hoses ...


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