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WARNING - Rear door locks

Use the rear door safety locks whenever children are in the vehicle. If a child accidently opens the rear doors while the vehicle is motion, he can fall out.

When the rear passenger operates the power sliding door, make sure there are no people or objects around the door, and have all occupants get in or out of the vehicle after the door is open fully and stopped.

Let the rear passengers get in or out of the vehicle after the door is open fully. Sudden closing could cause a serious injury.

Close the door by pulling the door handle after the door is open fully. Do not pull the door handle while rear passengers are getting in or out. The door could suddenly close by itself and cause a serious injury.

It takes about 5 seconds for the power sliding door to close and latch completely.

WARNING - Power sliding door

Do not begin to accelerate before the door closes and latches completely. If the door is not completely closed while the vehicle is moving, the door can open and passengers can fall out of the vehicle.

Power door ON/OFF button
When the power door ON/OFF button is ON (not depressed), the power sliding door and power tailgate can be controlled with the sub control buttons on the center pillar trim or tailgate. Also ...

Power sliding door non-opening conditions
The power sliding door is not automatically opened, but closed under the following conditions. If the main or sub control button is pushed for power opening operation, the chime sounds once. When ...

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