Kia Sedona: ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) System Schematic Diagrams - Engine Control System - Engine Control / Fuel System - Kia Sedona YP Service ManualKia Sedona: ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) System Schematic Diagrams

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Schematic Diagram

Circuit Diagram

ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) System Description and Operation
Description The Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) System consists of a throttle body with an integrated control motor and throttle position sensor (TPS). Instead of the traditional throttle cab ...

ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) System Repair procedures
Inspection Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) 1. Connect the GDS on the Data Link Connector (DLC). 2. Start the engine and measure the output voltage of TPS 1 and 2 at C.T. and W.O.T. Throttle ...

Other Information:

Failure Inspection Inspection and Test – Smart Tailgate System Smart Tailgate system is a complex system consists of many components. To get an accurate test and result, the control module o ...

Components and Components Location
Component Location Index Engine Room 1. Ambient temperature Sensor2. Receiver-drier3. Condenser4. Compressor5. Discharge Hose6. Service Port (Low Pressure)7. Service Port (High Pressure)8. A/C P ...


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