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MDPS Development
By comparing the electric power steering system with the conventional hydraulic pressure system (HPS)
Effect of reducing the number and weight of parts by deleting the pump, oil tank and hydraulic pressure type pipe
Energy consumption adjusted to the performance requirements and comparatively small engine power consumption
Deletion of oils
Developed with advantages of shortened development time/improving the assembly working
MDPS performs independent function regardless of the difference in the engine operation from the conventional hydraulic power steering by adopting the electric motor to assist the sub propulsion.
MDPS generates the sub propulsive force variably depending on the driving condition by controlling the motor operation based on the input signals such as the torque sensor and steering angle sensor.
MDPS has an integrated structure of the steering gear, ball screw reduction gear part and MDPS unit. The components of MDPS should not be disassembled.
MDPS features and effect
The provision of proper propulsive power is available depending on the vehicle speed.
It is equipped with the excellent stability at high speed driving.
The fuel mileage can be improved by 3-5% as the energy is consumed only for steering.
Energy can be saved by 85% compared to the hydraulic steering.
R-MDPS operation mechanism

What is torque sensor?
The rack & pinion gear connected to the tire supporting the actual weight of vehicle constrains the revolving of universal joint when the driver turns the steering wheel. At this time, a kind of spring, the torsion bar between the column output shaft and input shaft is twisted.
In other words, this sensor detects the driver''s intention of steering by measuring the amount of torsion (Steering angle)

Type: Non contacting type electromagnetic induction style
Operation voltage: 5V
Output signal: Digital, 2 channel
Size: Φ 56mm x 29mm(H)
Electric Power Steering

Components and Components Location
Components 1. Steering column shaft2. ECU3. Motor4. Steering gear box ...

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