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Component Location

1. Audio unit
2. Tweeter speaker
3. Center speaker (Option)
4. Roof antenna
5. Front speaker
6. Rear speaker
7. Sub woofer speaker (Option)
8. Antenna feeder cable
9. Antenna feeder cable joint connector

※ SDARS : Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service

Specifications Audio Head Unit ItemSpecificationModelRADIO/USB(iPod)/SDARS (PA30A)RADIO/USB(iPod)/SDARS (PA30B, UVO)Internal AmplifierExternal AmplifierPower supplyDC 14.4 V Negative groundOutpu ...

Audio Unit Components and Components Location
Components Connector Pin Information No.Connector AConnector B1Rear left speaker (+)CAN High2Front left speaker (+)-3Front right speaker (+)-4Rear right speaker (+)-5--6-USB D (+)7-USB VDD8Illum ...

Other Information:

Front Seat Shield Outer Cover Repair procedures
Replacement [Front seat shield front cover]     • When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape, and apply protective tape around the re ...

Valve Clearance Repair procedures
Inspection Check the valve clearance. If necessary, adjust the valve clearance by replacing the tappets. ...


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