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1. Automatic transaxle assembly
2. Inhibitor switch
3. Transaxle Control Module (TCM)
4. Valve body cover
5. Solenoid valve harness
6. Valve body assembly
7. Line pressure control solenoid valve (LINE_VFS)
8. SS-A solenoid valve (ON/OFF)

9. SS-B solenoid valve (ON/OFF)
10. Overdrive clutch control solenoid valve (OD/C_VFS)
11. Underdrive brake control solenoid valve (UD/B_VFS)
12. 26 Brake control solenoid valve (26/B_VFS)
13. 35R clutch control solenoid valve (35R/C_VFS)
14. Torque converter control solenoid valve (T/CON_VFS)
15. Output speed sensor
16. Input speed sensor

1. Shift lever assembly
2. Shift cable assembly

Automatic Transaxle Control System

Description and Operation
Description Automatic transaxle control system relies on various measurement data to determine the current control status and determine the necessary compensation values. These values are used ...

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