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Third generation YP (2014-2021) / Kia Sedona YP Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Power Door Locks / Power Door Lock Switch Repair procedures

Diagnosis With GDS
The body electrical system can be quickly diagnosed for faulty parts using vehicle diagnostic system (GDS).
The diagnostic system (GDS) provides the following information:
Self diagnosis : Checking the failure code (DTC) and display
Current data : Checking the system input/output data state
Actuation test : Checking the system operation condition
Additional function : Other controlling such as he system option and zero point
Select the ''Car model'' and the system to be checked in order to check the vehicle with the tester.
Select the ''Body Control Module (BCM)'' to check the driver seat or assistant door module (DDM/ADM).
Select the "Current Data" menu to search the current state of the input/output data.
The input/output data for the sensors corresponding to the driver seat or assistant door module(DDM/ADM) can be checked.

If you wish to check the power door lock operation by force, select "Actuation test".
Put on gloves to protect your hands.
When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape, and apply protective tape around the related parts, to prevent damage.
Use a plastic panel removal tool to remove interior trim pieces to protect from marring the surface.
Take care not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.
Driver Power Window Switch
Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the front door trim.
(Refer to Body - "Front Door Trim")
Loosen the front door armrest (A) mounting screws.

Using a screwdriver or remover, separate the mounting clips and then remove the driver door module panel (A).

Loosen the mounting screws and then remove the driver door module(DDM) (A) after separating the mounting clips.

Be careful not to damage the mounting clips.

Install the driver door module (DDM).
Install the driver door module panel.
Install the front door armrest mounting screws.
Install the front door trim.
Connect the negative (-) battery terminal.
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