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The current outside temperature is displayed in 1

Temperature control
The temperature will increase to the maximum (HI) by turning the knob to the extreme right. The temperature will decrease to the minimum (Lo) by turning the knob to the extreme left. When turn ...

Air intake control
This is used to select the outside (fresh) air position or recirculated air position. To change the air intake control position, push the control button. Recirculated air position With the reci ...

Other Information:

STG Spindle Repair procedures
Removal [LH] 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the tail gate trim [LH]. (Refer to Body - "Tail Gate Trim") 3. Disconnect the STG spindle connector (A). 4. Us ...

Cooling System Repair procedures
Inspection Radiator hoses 1. Check radiator hoses for the following (1) Improper attachment (2) Leaks (3) Cracks (4) Damage (5) Loose connections (6) Chafing (7) Deterio ...


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