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1. Pull the release lever to unlatch the hood. The hood should pop open slightly.

Open the hood after turning off the engine on a flat surface, shifting the shift lever to the P (Park) position and setting the parking brake.

2. Go to the front of the vehicle, raise the hood slightly, pull up the secondary latch (1) inside of the hood center and lift the hood (2).

3. Pull out the support rod.

4. Hold the hood opened with the support rod.

✽ NOTICE - Hot parts

Grab the support rod in the area wrapped in rubber. The plastic will help prevent you from being burned by hot metal when the engine is hot.


Closing the hood
1. Before closing the hood, check the following: All filler caps in the engine compartment must be correctly installed. Gloves, rags or any other combustible material must be removed from the ...

Other Information:

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