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The odometer Indicates the total distance that the vehicle has been driven and should be used to determine when periodic maintenance should be performed.

- Odometer range : 0 ~ 999999 kilometers or miles.

Fuel Gauge
This gauge indicates the approximate amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank. ✽ NOTICE The fuel tank capacity is given in chapter 8. The fuel gauge is supplemented by a low fuel warn ...

Outside Temperature Gauge
This gauge indicates the current outside air temperatures by 1 ...

Other Information:

Components and Components Location
Components 1. Rear door parting weatherstrip2. Rear door side weatherstrip3. Rear door inside handle cover4. Rear door trim5. Rear door belt inside weatherstrip6. Rear door upper opening weather ...

Rear Door Outside Handle Repair procedures
Replacement 1. Remove the rear door trim. (Refer to Rear Door - "Rear Door Trim") 2. Disconnect the rear door cable (A). 3. Disconnect the rear door remote controller connector (B). 4. ...


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