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Type A

Type B

1. Remove the front bumper under cover.

2. Reach your hand into the back of the front bumper.

3. Disconnect the power connector from the socket.

4. Remove the bulb-socket from the housing by turning the socket counter clockwise until the tabs on the socket align with the slots on the housing.

5. Install the new bulb-socket into the housing by aligning the tabs on the socket with the slots in the housing. Push the socket into the housing and turn the socket clockwise.

6. Connect the power connector to the socket.

7. Reinstall the front bumper under cover.


Always have the headlight aiming adjusted after an accident or the headlight assembly is reinstalled at a authorized Kia dealer.

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1. Open the hood. 2. Remove the front cover(1) and headlamp assembly nuts(2). 3. Remove the headlamp assembly from the body of the vehicle 4. Remove the socket from the assembly by turning the so ...

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