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The driver must be cautious in the below situations for the system may not assist the driver and may not work properly.

- Curved roads, tollgates, etc.
- The surrounding of the sensor is polluted with rain, snow, mud, etc
- The rear bumper near the sensor is covered or hidden with a foreign matter such as a sticker, bumper guard, bicycle stand etc.
- The rear bumper is damaged or the sensor is out of place.
- The height of the vehicle shows much change such as when the trunk is loaded with heavy objects, abnormal tire pressure etc.
- Due to bad weather such as heavy rain or snow.
- A fixed object is near such as a guardrail, etc.
- A lot of amount of metal substances are near the vehicles such as a construction area.
- A big vehicle is near such as a bus or truck.
- A motorcycle or bicycle is near.
- A flat trailer like vehicle is near.
- If the vehicle has started at the same time as the vehicle next to it and has accelerated.
- When the other vehicle passes by very fast.
- When changing lanes.
- When going down or up a steep road where the height of the lane is different.
- When the other vehicle drives at the rear very nearby or drives very close.
- When a trailer or carrier is installed.
- When the temperature of rear bumper is high.
- When the sensors are covered by the vehicle, wall and pillar of parking lot.
- When your vehicle moves back, if the detected vehicle also moves back.
- If there is small things like shopping cart and baby carriage.
- If there is a vehicle with decreased ride height (lowered).
- When the vehicle is close to another vehicle.

Non-operating condition

Outside rearview mirror may not alert the driver when
- The outside rearview mirror housing is severely polluted - The window is severely polluted - The windows are severely tinted. This device complies with Industry Canada licence-exempt RSS standard ...

Other Information:

Not illuminated To turn off the engine (START/RUN position) or vehicle power (ON position), press the ENGINE START/STOP button with the shift lever in the P (Park) position. When you press the ...

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