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1) SVM unit basically uses C-CAN signal only to communicate about the vehicle''s condition.
Steering wheel angle sensor : C-CAN
Vehicle speed sensor : C-CAN
2) Other unit''s B-CAN, P-CAN, and MM-CAN signals are changed to C-CAN signal and sent to SVM unit by CGW (Central Gate Way).
AVN monitor : MM-CAN
Transmission : P-CAN (TCM unit)
SPAS sensor : C-CAN (AVM unit)
PAS sensor : B-CAN (BCM)
Component Functions
Major Role
SVM Unit
Input video information from 4 channel cameras and process display
Vehicle communication (CAN) and system control
Screen output in 8 view modes
Ultra optical camera
(190 degrees)
Record vehicle''s surrounding area
AVN Head Unit
Provide driver with video via SVM ECM output
Send user input data to SVM ECU
SVM Switch
Input video feed in Front Mode

Surround View Monitoring (SVM) System

Description and Operation
Description Surround View Monitoring System (SVM) is the system that allows video monitoring of 360 degrees around the vehicle. The system consists of 4 ultra optical cameras mounted around the ...

Other Information:

Headlight position
When the light switch is in the headlight position, the head, tail, license lights will turn ON. ✽ NOTICE The ignition switch must be in the ON position to turn on the headlights. ...

Center console storage
To open the center console storage, pull up the lever. Center console sliding tray removal procedure ➀ Pull down the knob to slide the sliding tray. ➁ Check the lever located on t ...


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