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Component Location

1. Front tilt motor
2. Slide motor
3. Rear height motor
4. Reclining motor
5. Lumbar support motor (Vertical)
6. Seat cushion switch
7. Seat back switch
8. Lumbar support switch

Seat Electrical

Power Seat Motor Repair procedures
Inspection Diagnosis With GDS 1. The body electrical system can be quickly diagnosed for faulty parts using vehicle diagnostic system (GDS). The diagnostic system (GDS) provides the following in ...

Other Information:

Emission control system
The emission control system of your vehicle is covered by a written limited warranty. Please see the warranty information contained in the Warranty & Maintenance booklet in your vehicle. Your ...

Repair procedures
Adjustment 1. After loosening the tail gate hinge (A) mounting bolt, adjust the tail gate by moving it up and down, or right and left. 2. Adjust the tail gate height by turning the tail gate o ...


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