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Third generation YP (2014-2023) / Kia Sedona YP Service Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Special Service Tools

Special Service Tools
Tool Name / Number
Crankshaft front oil seal installer

Ring gear stopper

Used for keeping ring gear from rotating when removing / installing crankshaft pulley bolt
Ring gear stopper
A : 09231-3D100
B : 09231-2W100

Used for keeping ring gear from rotating when removing / installing crankshaft pulley bolt
Torque angle adapter

Used for tightening torque-to-yield fasteners to a specified angle.
Valve stem seal remover

Valve stem seal installer

Valve spring compressor & holder
A : 09222-3K000
B : 09222-3K100

Used for removing / installing intake or exhaust valve

Crankshaft rear oil seal installer
A : 09231-3C200
B : 09231-H1100

Oil pan remover

Specifications DescriptionSpecificationsLimitGeneralTypeV-type, DOHCNumber of cylinders6Bore92 mm (3.6220 in.)Stroke83.8 mm (3.2992 in.)Total displacement3,342 cc (203.94 ratio ...

Compression Test
Compression Pressure Inspection     If there is lack of power, excessive oil consumption or poor fuel economy, measure the compression pressure. 1. Warm up the engine t ...

Other Information:

Power Sliding Door (PSD) Switch Repair procedures
Inspection Overhead Console Door Switch Inspection 1. When inspecting, use the inspection equipment to check for input/output values of Overhead console door switch. If there''s any malfunct ...

Intelligent emergency braking assistance (iEBA). Active Safety Brake
Intelligent emergency braking assistance (iEBA) If the driver brakes, but not sufficiently to avoid a collision, this system will provide additional braking, within the limits of the laws of physics ...


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