Kia Sedona: Power Steering Hoses Repair procedures - Hydraulic Power Steering System - Steering System - Kia Sedona YP Service ManualKia Sedona: Power Steering Hoses Repair procedures

Third generation YP (2014-2022) / Kia Sedona YP Service Manual / Steering System / Hydraulic Power Steering System / Power Steering Hoses Repair procedures

Drain the power steering fluid.
Remove the surge tank.
(Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Surge Tank")
Remove the center muffler
(Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Muffler")
Remove the front muffler.
(Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Muffler")
Remove the bolt (A) and nut (B) from the heat protector.

Tightening torque:
6.9 ~ 10.8 N.m (0.7 ~ 1.1 kgf.m, 5.1 ~ 8.0 lb-ft)

Disconnect the power pump bolt (A) and conennector (B).

Loosen the bolts (A) and then diconnect the power steering bracket.

Disconnect the gear box fit tube (A).

Tightening torque:
11.8 ~ 17.7 N.m (1.2 ~ 1.8 kgf.m, 8.7 ~ 13.0 lb-ft)

Remove the power steering hose bolts (A),

Disconnect the power steering hose (A).

Installation in the reverse order of removal.
Power Steering Hoses Components and Components Location
Components Location 1. Cooler tube2. Pressure hose3. Suction hose4. Return tube & hose ...

Power Steering Oil Pump Repair procedures
Removal 1. Drain the power steering fluid. 2. Remove the drive belt. (Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Drive Belt") 3. Remove the pressure hose (B) from the oil pump and the suction h ...

Other Information:

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