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Third generation YP (2014-2024) / Kia Sedona YP Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Trip computer / One time driving information mode

Type B, C

This display shows trip distance (1), average fuel economy (2) and the vehicle can be driven with the remaining fuel (3).

This information is displayed for a few seconds when you turn off the engine and then goes off automatically. The information provided is calculated according to each trip.

If the estimated distance is below 1km (1mi.), the range (3) will display as "---" and a refuel message will appear (4).

Digital speedometer
Type B, C This mode displays the current speed of the vehicle. ...

Warning and indicator lights

Other Information:

Reservoir Tank Repair procedures
Removal and Installation 1. Disconnect the over flow hose (A), and then drain the coolant from the reservoir tank. 2. Remove the reservoir tank (B). Tightening torque : 7.8 ~ 11.8 N.m (0.8 ...

Transaxle Control Module (TCM) Description and Operation
Description The module receives and processes signals from various sensors and implements a wide range of transaxle controls to ensure optimal driving conditions for the driver. Functions ...


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