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Remove the ECM mirror connector (B) after removing the mirror wiring cover (A).

Remove the mirror (A) pulling up in the direction of arrow.
Be careful not to damage the mounting bracket when removing the mirror.

Check the functions of the ECM in the following procedures:
Turn the ignition key to the "ON" position.
Cover the forward facing sensor.
Flash a light onto the rearward looking sensor.
The ECM should be darkened immediately on detecting light from the rearward looking sensor.
If this test is performed in daytime, the ECM may be darkened as soon as the forward facing sensor is covered.
When the reverse gear is engaged, the ECM should not be darkened.
When light is flashed onto both the forward facing and rearward looking sensors, the ECM should not be darkened.
Install the mirror making sure that the mounting bracket is not damaged.
Install the mirror wiring cover after reconnecting the connector and tightening the screw.
Description and Operation
Description The Electro Chromatic inside rear view Mirror (ECM) is intended to dim the reflecting light in the rear view mirror. The forward facing sensor detects the brightness of the surround ...

Front / Rear Parking Assist System

Other Information:

Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Head lamp (Low)2. Head lamp (High)3. Turn signal lamp, position lamp (Standard) / Turn signal lamp (HID)4. LED position lamp (Option)5. Side marker lamp6. Fog lamp7. Turn si ...

Battery Specifications
Specification ItemSpecificationModel typeCMF80L-BCICapacity [20HR/5HR] (AH)80/64 Cold Cranking Amperage (A)660 (SAE) / 528 (EN)Reserve Capacity (Min)145     • ...


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