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Third generation YP (2014-2023) / Kia Sedona YP Service Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Sunroof / Repair procedures

How To Initialize
Check that the glass is installed.
Finished height adjustment.
Push UP the switch. (Keep holding the switch.)

Release the sunroof UP button within 15 seconds. And then press and hold the UP button once again within 15 seconds until the sunroof operates as the following:
Tilt up → Slide Open → Slide Close
Then release the lever.
When the sunroof is closed completely, turn OFF the UP switch to initialize the motor completely.
When To Initialize The Motor
After initial vehicle assembly.
When the initial value is erased or damaged due to short power electric discharge during operation.
After using the manual handle.
Operating The Sunroof Emergency Handle
Use the sunroof emergency handle to close or open the sunroof manually if the sunroof cannot be closed electronically due to motor or controller electrical malfunction.
Operating method.
Remove the roof trim.
Push the emergency handle up into the hexahonal drive (A) of the sunroof motor. Push hard enough to disengage the motoro clutch, otherwise, the emergency handle may slip due to incomplete fit into the motor.
Carefully turn the emergency handle clockwise to close the sunroof.
After closing the sunroof, wiggle the handle back and forth as you remove the tool from the motor, to ensure the motor clutch reengages.
A 5mm hex socket may be used in place of the emergency handle, with a” Speeder” type handle.
Do not use power tools to operate the sunroof as it may damage the components.
Damage to the components may occur.

Components and Components Location
Components [Front] 1. Deflector2. Front frame bracket [RH]3. Motor assembly4. Sunroof frame assembly5. Front frame bracket [LH]6. Mechanism cover7. Mechanism8. Rear frame bracket9. Drain chann ...

Sunroof Glass Components and Components Location
Components 1. Sunroof glass2. Rear sunroof glass ...

Other Information:

Washer Fluid Warning Light
This warning light illuminates : ...

General safety recommendations
Do not remove the labels attached in different places on your vehicle. They include safety warnings as well as identification information for the vehicle. For any work on your vehicle, use a q ...


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