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1 Overhead console switch
2 Power Sliding Door trim switch
3 Inside/outside door handle switch
4 Latch (detent switch & primary switch included)
5 Power Sliding Door drive unit
6 Power Sliding Door module

Description and Operation
Description Power Sliding Door is a system which can open/close the door automatically by using a switch located on overhead console and rear seat trim, internal/outer handle of a sliding door ...

Failure Check-up Elements The following is to be checked before inspecting the Power Sliding Door system parts. 1. Manual operation Check if the sliding door operates manually. Shift to ''OFF'' ...

Other Information:

Automatic headlamp dipping
For more information, refer to the General recommendations for automatic lighting systems. When the lighting control ring is in the "AUTO” position and the function is activated on the touch s ...

Access to the Handbook
MOBILE APPLICATION Install the Scan MyDS application (content available offline). Then select: the vehicle, the issue period corresponding to the date of 1st registration of the vehicle. ONLI ...


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