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1. Front seat center side cover [LH]
2. Front seat cushion vent mat [LH]
3. Front seat cushion pad assembly [LH]
4. Front seat cushion cover assembly [LH]
5. Front seat cushion frame assembly [LH]
6. Front seat belt assembly [LH]
7. Front seat power inside cover [LH]
8. Front seat inside cover [RH]
9. Front seat back cover assembly [LH]
10. Front seat back pad assembly [LH]
11. Front seat headrest guide [LH]
12. Front seat 4 direction lumber support assembly [LH]
13. Front seat back frame assembly [LH]
14. Front seat headrest [LH]
15. Front seat back cooling duct [LH]
16. Front seat back garnish assembly [LH]
17. Front seat mounting cover assembly
18. Front seat cushion cooling fan [LH]
19. Front seat side outer cover [LH]
20. Front seat power switch knob [LH]
21. Front seat side airback inner guide
22. Front seat side airback assembly

Front Seat

Front Seat Assembly Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Front seat assembly ...

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Repair procedures
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